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Our main goal is to improve our service quality and to be a closer partner for our customers. Due to the responsibilities of taxes, accounting and other financial issues demand our customers the right and qualified information through the easiest and fastest way. The all above statements need the availability of technical assistance.

In this frame everybody have the opportunity to follow up any change in law and orders. By the time, this web page will be regularly updated to provide our customers/users the right information for financial issues and also all the educational and written document archieve can be accessed.

Our target is to be a partner for our clients/users to supply the fast, safe and qualified service and problem solving. For this reason we can not leave the goal to rise and improve the quality and scope of our services.

Through this link, we believe that we can add the value and become closer to our clients/users. We keep working to find out how to rise our service quality and accept this link a way to achieve this goal.

We wish you happiness and success in your professional life.

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